How to Market on Facebook for Free in 5 Steps – Step 2

2. Get Fans to Like Your Facebook Business Page

Get people to like your page by sharing the benefits of your products and spreading the word about your page. “Likes” are important because they increase your content’s reach and make your page and business seem more trustworthy. Post interesting and valuable content that makes users crave updates and stay engaged with your brand.

Ways to get more likes for your page include:

Target the Right Facebook Audience

The best way to attract fans to your Facebook page is to identify your company’s ideal clientele with a customer profile based on demographics and psychographics. Then, create content that directly appeals to your ideal customer. Content that’s tailored around your target audience will perform better under Facebook’s algorithm and get more likes, comments and shares than generic content.

Add the Facebook Icon Wherever You Can

Promote your Facebook page on all of your marketing materials, including business cards, signs, email signatures and website. Make sure you set up a vanity URL for your Facebook page like so that it’s easy for people to find your page. By sharing your Facebook page with your current customers, you’ll increase likes and build your following through their network of friends.

Ask People in Person

Ask people that come into your store to like your page. You know they’re already interested in your business, so why not ask them to like your social media pages? You can even offer them something on the spot like a discount or free item if they like your page while in the store.

Ask People Online

Have a pop-up box on your website that asks people to like your Facebook page. You can also ask people to like your Facebook page after they have purchased something on your site. The message can be along the lines of, “Thanks for your purchase! Like us on Facebook to hear about new products and promotions.”

Get Involved on Facebook

To increase the number of people who see and like your business, post on pages and groups that are related to your industry from your Facebook business page. Engage with your target audience by participating in other groups and offering helpful answers and advice to get people to click back to your page and like it.

Be Creative

To boost your page, do something fun and creative in order to get people to like your page. Two tactics known to increase page likes are holding a contest and offering a coupon or discount to people who like your page. Ask people to like your page, share a post, and comment on a promotion and reward them with savings.